Genotype Viewer

Genotype Viewer is a page where users can search for the SNP genotype based on the genome assembly/reference genome and cohort dataset.

1. Reference

Users can search SNP data generated by variant calling against the selected reference genome.

2. Dataset (variety set, variant set)

Users can search for SNP data generated from the selected cohort of samples and SNP set.

3. Chromosome/Contig

Users can limit their results by their genome location. When a reference genome in the drop-down menu next to 'Reference', the corresponding chromosome or scaffold names are dynamically updated in the 'Chromosome/Contig' auto-complete box. Select a contig then type in the position in bp in the text boxes.

4. Gene Name

Users can search genes by name in the Gene Locus auto-complete box. When a gene is selected, the genome location boxes are automatically filled by the genes location.

3. Options

Option to show only or highlight non-synonymous SNPs.